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"I think i have a boombox on my head, but my room mate doesn't"

Welcome everybody to another episode of Sick Sad World of Mega Man.
*everyone chants*
Today our topic is "I think i have a boombox on my head, but my room mate doesn't"
now, lets hear more about this sick, sad dilemma. DustMan...
yo fewl i got this boom box on my head and rimgy ova there, he disrespects me for it.
It is NOT a boombox! It's a sucky-thing!
now im SICK and TIRED of this diss in punk
fewl you wish it was a sucky thang
ill whoop yo gay ass here rite now
It's a vacuum cleaner!
ya panzee ring boy
* throws a ring at Dusty's sucky-thing and gets pissed when it gets stuck.
Then make it play some damned sounds!
damn man stop messin the boombox
* plays some funkay music
Screw the Man... let's go!
damn you fool
* kicks ring man in the ... ring
What makes you so sure it's a boombox? It doesn't have a CD or tape thingie...
Stop this fighting right now!
yeah it does fewl
shut up panzee man
* runs near the stage and trys to talk them out of the fight
we gots ta setal thiz rite nowe
Well, where is it, I certainly don't see the opening!
my crew will drive by you stink ass if ya dont shut the helll up
your looking at the wrong opening poof
There will be no cussing on my show!
Fuck you, shit-head!
damn you megan spank
We're going to take this the way we want to!
* kicks megamans ass
* smiles.
* throws a crowd member in the way and runs
Dusty, Let's agree... it's a boombox-vacuum thingie hybrid!
Now let's kick Mega Man's ass!
* runs away
* chases after Mega Man, throws rings at him as he runs.
* grabs the aluminum bat from the house and runs out to practice T-ball.. from Mega Man's head...whoops!...WHACK!!.. Now Mega Man's pea-sized brain is all over the field! RETARDO!
uhhh... this can't be the end...
* jumps on Mega Man and whacks him in the head with a ring.
That suckass mofo just cants stands it no more
Now lets bring out CrashMan!
* jumps up and down on Mega Man's back.
* pulls out his chainsaw and hacks Mega Man from limb to limb
fewl what you want
Damn you Ring Man!
* Jumps on Ring Man and starts beating him up
What the fuck!
What the hell are you doing here you pathetic excuse for a can opener?
* struggles, trying to get up.
You wrinkeled my clothes, you bastard!
* gets angey and helps ringman
fewl get off my homie
you mess wit him yo mess wit mw
Hey, i only have one suit. If i gave it to you, i'd be naked. Sorry bout that, bye.
* Leaves
* gets up on his feet slowly.
This sucks! Lets beat the crap out of Mega Man!
* Throws another crowd member into the angry people
* Runs away as the angry robots chase him
* sees that the camera has turned on to him and waves at it. "Hi Dr. Wily! It's me! Yeah! Hey... do you think you could get me that emotion chip I want for Christmas? I really want it... then me and Top Man could..."
*fade to black*