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Don't laugh, i can't find a rom of Pac-Mania anywhere. Thus, i can't take pictures of Pac-Mania. So i used the next best thing Pac-Man. Anyways, Pac-Mania is a damn cool game. You play as Pac-Man (duh) and go around eating pellets and avoiding ghosts. But wait, there's more. First of all, now Pac-Man can jump, so that pretty much kicks ass. The disadvantage, the ghosts can jump too. But not all of them, only the green ones and the black ones. And the purple (or is it red?) ghost goes really fast. To add to all that, Everything is in a 3d perspective. And there are item power-ups. You know, thing that make you go fast and such. It still has those power pellets that let you eat the ghosts. God, i love eating those ghosts... So light, and fluffy... Oh, what? Oh yeah thats right. And it has more than one level, for extra added goodness. And to boot, it's Rarer than shit. Not that shit is very rare, but this game is. It's an A on the rarity list. Haha! I own it and you don't. Oops, sorry about that.

Well, thats's about all the info on Pac-Mania i can give you right now. If you know where i can get the Pac-Mania rom, tell me so i can take pictures. you'll get a cookie if you tell me. (5.00 S/H, May take 5 to 8 years to arrive.)

Allright, the part you love to hate and hate to screw, the rating. Let's do it.

Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 4.5
Control - 5.5
Re-play value - 3.5
Fun - 7.5
Overall - 8.0