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(Note#1, stop laughing, i allready used megaman for the whats new picture.)
(Note#2 The reason i don't have many rejects is cause i make pics for 'em, and that takes a while.)

This page is made up of rejected robot names and rush adaptors from the megaman series. If you didnt know, the capcom robot naming team is made up of a monkey, a 40 year old pervert, and a corpse. So weather or not they were on crack, or just being thier normal selfs, these are the mishaps and/or out takes. (The capcom robot naming team is not made up of a monkey, a pervert, or a corpse... But you never know.) (Also none of these rejects are from the capcom robot naming team... I dont think)

Robot Rejects

None so far =(

Rush Rejects

None so far =(

Send me your rejects.